Dunkin’ Has A Plan For Better Coffee

From: edition.cnn.com

Dunkin’ is trying to win over customers by serving better hot coffee.

The company, which has been trying to rebrand itself as a higher-end coffee shop, is investing about $60 million in new brewing equipment for all of its cafes.
The new smart brewers are designed to improve coffee quality and consistency, offer more variety and reduce waste. They should also be easier for employees to use.
A few years ago, Dunkin’ dropped the “Donuts” from its name to signal its focus on beverages. Soon after, it announced the installation of better espresso equipment, an improved espresso recipe and a new espresso cup, plus training and espresso certification for employees. In 2019, the brand added iced coffee taps to cafes. Upgrading its hot coffee brewers is the next step.

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