NJ Coffee Company Sues Elmsford Roaster Barrie House For $6M

From: westfaironline.com

A Newark coffee company claims that Elmsford coffee roaster Barrie House Coffee Co. messed up its formula for success in the online market for coffee pods.

Office Coffee Services and its 26 Flavors affiliate sued Barrie House Coffee Co. for $6 million last month in Westchester Supreme Court.

“We vehemently deny all the allegations in the complaint,” Tab Rosenfeld, Barrie House’s Manhattan attorney, responded. He said Office Coffee owes money to Barrie House and his client plans to file a counterclaim to collect the debt.

Office Coffee, according to its complaint, saw an opportunity in 2012 when Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ patent expired on single-serve capsules used in Keurig coffee machines.

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