Starbucks’ New 2020 Airport Partnership Could Mean Coffee Delivered To Your Gate


Imagine starting off your next trip by getting coffee delivered straight to your gate at the airport. You could hit the snooze button, not arrive at the airport three hours early, and skip the long lines at the only Starbucks in the airport. Well, thanks to Starbucks’ new 2020 airport partnership, you might just be able to make that dream a reality soon. The coffee company is expanding its airport presence with a partnership that will change the way travelers get their coffee before taking flight.

Starbucks has partnered with airport retailer and restaurateur Paradies Lagardère; airport hospitality group OTG Management; and restaurateur HMS Host — which are well-established brands in major airports throughout the United States. The companies made the announcement on Friday, Feb. 7, and the new partnership aims to make your airport experience much less hectic, at least in terms of securing your cup of joe.

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