More Than A Roaster: Diedrich Roasters Makes A Global Impact From The Mountains Of The Idaho Panhandle


Sometimes, the world’s highest quality innovations find places off the beaten path to hide. Such is the case with Diedrich Roasters, a coffee roaster manufacturer located discreetly in the Idaho Panhandle.

Despite its global influence and larger-than-life reputation, Diedrich remains headquartered in the mountains it has called home since the early 1990s. Specialty coffee roasters are utilizing the company’s machinery not only in the Inland Northwest but across the world. They’re trusting Diedrich with their beans for some very good reasons.

The story begins over a century ago in Costa Rica. There, Carl Diedrich’s mother inherited a small coffee plantation. Raised in the industry and trained to roast coffee in Italy, Carl went on to work in coffee his whole life, raising three sons — Stephan, Martin, and Carl Jr. — to do the same.

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