Customers Shocked After Starbucks Employee ‘Exposes’ Drive-Thru Secret: ‘I Feel Violated’


A Starbucks employee is “exposing” a secret about the chain’s ordering process, thanks to a series of viral videos that left some customers dumbfounded.

The reveal is courtesy of @xoxobritttt, a TikTok user who has racked up more than 70,000 followers since sharing her first Starbucks-themed clip on Feb. 14. In it, the 22-year-old, who identifies herself as simply “Brittney” on social media, shocks an unsuspecting pair of customers by singing to them through the drive-thru speaker.

But it’s the footage itself that apparently took so many social media users by surprise. Brittney’s videos feature an inside-the-store view of each group of customers, therefore revealing that the coffee chain keeps cameras inside its drive-thrus.

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