Circle K Latvia puts an end to coffee waste problems

Circle K Latvia has partnered with local startup Koffeco and a research laboratory at Riga Technical University to find a solution for its coffee grounds. The collaboration included the development of a prototype of coffee briquettes that double as a fire starter.

“At every stage of the coffee journey, we look for more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. In Latvia, Circle K locations sell over 7 million coffee cups per year, amounting to 90 tonnes of coffee waste. We can complete the sustainable coffee life cycle by recycling coffee grounds in collaboration with Koffeco. Customers will soon be able to purchase coffee briquettes in the largest Circle K stores in Latvia,” said Gatis Pavrs, Circle K Latvia’s Director of Market Development.

Apart from being more efficient, the company asserts that coffee briquettes are environmentally friendly. According to the company, coffee grounds generate up to 25% more heat during combustion and burn 20% longer than most types of wood.

Two tonnes of coffee grounds have been recycled to date to assist in the creation of this product. The coffee grounds are crushed, transformed, broken down, and compacted to create the final product.

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