Meet the coffee connoisseur at Trading Post Coffee Roasters

Tom Curatolo, head roaster and head of coffee at Trading Post Coffee Roasters, is well aware of this. He founded the business in 2017, when they opened their first location in Brighton’s Ship Street.

“I come from a family of roasters; both my father and brother are roasters, so it’s something I’ve grown up with,” he explained.

“We knew there was a strong coffee culture in Chichester because we had a lot of wholesale customers here,” Tom explained.

“When the space became available, we opened the coffee shop and installed the roaster, allowing us to roast and blend our own coffee while also supplying wholesale customers, as we believe it is best fresh.”

On-site roasting of coffee beans. The cycle takes approximately ten to twenty minutes, and they roast on-site two to three days a week, with approximately three to ten cycles per day producing six kilogrammes of coffee.

Along with hot beverages, the shop sells bags of coffee beans, ranging from single origin beans to various blends.

“You have to find the right blend,” Tom explained. We attempt to keep the variety blends simple so that we can establish a foundation concept and then build the flavour profile around it.”

Its espresso blend contains three different bean varieties, but its Black Pearl contains five.

“There is a great deal of trial and error involved, as well as a great deal of tasting. However, a variety of factors can affect the flavour – the weather, how the beans are stored, and how the beans are transported,” he explained.

“With blends, there is a great deal of experimentation. If a bean has a lot of body, it will be paired with a bean that has a lot of flavour, resulting in a bean with a lot of body and flavour. It’s all about blending to extract the best qualities from the coffee.”

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