Editors’ picks: Our favorite coffee products we tested and loved

Each year, we test hundreds of products, and naturally, as self-proclaimed coffee lovers writing for other coffee lovers, many of the products we’ve fallen in love with involve brewing a delectable morning brew.

Now we’ve decided to share what our Underscored editors use every morning (and occasionally later in the day, we admit) to make their priceless coffee. Check out our favourite coffee makers, kettles, and more in the gallery above.

Dualit 72955 Design Series Kettle $125.99 at Amazon

A good electric kettle is critical to brewing an excellent cup of coffee. At the very least, this means you’ll get your coffee sooner. This Dualit kettle boils water faster than any other kettle I’ve used — typically in less than a minute to 90 seconds. Additionally, I’ve noticed that limescale buildup is slower than in previous kettles I’ve owned, and when it does need to be descaled, it’s a simple matter of adding a bit of vinegar. — Senior travel editor Emily McNutt

Our prefered coffeemakers

French Press Coffee Maker Bodum Chambord
I adore this French press. It’s simply designed and extremely convenient to use and clean, as it can be thrown in the dishwasher after use. The stainless steel plunger is the highlight, as it features a mesh filter that prevents any coffee grounds from passing through. It is available in six different colours, making it ideal for any kitchen. — Senior travel editor Emily McNutt

Blue Bottle Coffee Pour-Over Kit $59
This is my first pour-over maker, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to operate. It’s the ideal size for brewing my morning coffee, and each time I’ve used it, my cup has been delectable. Additionally, the kit includes a beautiful carafe and a pour-over brewing guide to assist you in getting started.

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