You can’t stop me from drinking coffee

You will not be able to dissuade me from drinking coffee. As you can see, my relationship with coffee is quite different. In reality, it’s the polar opposite of anything I’ve ever known, and it’s always played a significant role in my life.

My love for the bean juice began when my father offered me a sip of his sweet, warm coffee sitting inside a grey tumbler when I was nine years old. It was a breezy autumn Sunday morning, and we were all wrapped up in heavy sweaters, beanies, and scarves (also known as the kind of cold where you could see your breath as you talk). Now, I consider myself to be a self-identified coffee enthusiast. Along with being a (nearly) daily caffeine consumer, I am constantly reminded of caffeine’s adverse effects. However, the truth is that I am unconcerned.

Take my word for it that coffee and I have a toxic relationship. You know, the kind that your friends constantly warn you about in the hope that it will stick. I’m constantly warned about my addiction and how it will eventually have consequences, but I’m not convinced. Perhaps this is a result of my Aries inclinations, and I’d rather continue my routine of caramel macchiatos from the gracious ladies at The Golden Bear Café than deal with caffeine withdrawal headaches.

If my friends are unable to convince me to put down the mug, it is most certainly not my fellow Cloggers who have experimented with tea for a week or compiled numerous lists of coffee substitutes. However, I apologise profusely to my peers. I’m aware that you’ve spent numerous hours crafting a message aimed at my coffee obsession, but I’m simply not interested. I wish I were lying, but I am currently drinking coffee as I write this. These are not made-up events.

In all seriousness, this beverage holds fond memories for me, one of which includes my parents. At home, my parents and I would drink a cup twice a day — one in the morning and another in the evening. While in college, coffee was a constant source of comfort during the most trying times. While Folgers instant coffee is no match for my father’s stovetop espresso maker, it does provide a similar sense of warmth. Additionally, nothing beats a good cup of coffee for keeping a busy student motivated, right? It’s a bonus that it also keeps me awake.

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