How do you drink your coffee? One type can prolong your life

In recent years, science has discovered the proven benefits of the stimulant drink that the majority of us require to begin our days, even when critics claimed it was unhealthy. Now, researchers have shifted their perspective.

This new study is particularly noteworthy and significant because it spanned an entire decade and enrolled nearly half a million participants, ensuring that the data is comprehensive.

Researchers discovered that those who drank coffee on a regular basis were 12 percent less likely to die than those who did not. Their risk of developing heart/cardiovascular disease or stroke was also approximately one-fifth (20%) that of non-coffee drinkers.

However, these encouraging findings come with a critical caveat. The health benefits were derived solely from ground coffee beans, not instant coffee.

The researchers discovered that drinking more than three cups of coffee per day had no effect on the health benefits. However, they noted that coffee contains a variety of other minerals and antioxidants that have been linked to a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia, and various types of cancer. Several previous studies established a link between coffee consumption and an increased risk of developing hypertension or dying from cardiovascular disease.

Semmelweis University in Budapest and Queen Mary University in London collaborated on the new study. Dr. Stephen Petersen of Queen Mary University stated that the study’s findings indicated that moderate coffee consumption is neither harmful nor beneficial to cardiovascular health.

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