Coffee Gelato Recipe

You scream, and I scream! Everybody screams for… gelato? Given that gelato, like ice cream, is a delectable frozen treat, we believe it is worth shouting about. Kristen Carli, a dietitian and recipe developer, has shared one of her favourite recipes with us: coffee gelato. Consider blending the delectable flavour of your favourite coffee into a cool, creamy gelato. This straightforward recipe is a joy to prepare. “I’m a sucker for coffee-flavored gelato. It is absolutely delectable “Carli asserts. “If you own an ice cream maker, this is a simple recipe.”

2 Gelato is derived from the Italian word “congelato,” which means “frozen.” The exact origin is unknown, but according to Electro Freeze, it was first served in Europe. Additionally, one thing we know for certain is that you are in for a refreshing treat when it comes to gelato! Whether you have a Cuisinart or a Ninja, give us ten minutes and we’ll demonstrate how to churn your own creamy, refreshing coffee gelato.

You’ll only need a few key ingredients to create this delectable dessert: ground coffee, water, whole milk, heavy whipping cream, and sugar. Simple and sweet!

We inquired with our developer about vegan substitutes. While our vegan readers are also deserving of sweets, that may have to wait for another day. “In theory, a nondairy milk would be quite tasty, but I would not recommend substituting as is,” Carli explains. “These milks contain less fat, which I’m sure would result in a more icy and less creamy gelato.”

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