World Economic Forum Elites Blasted for Video Discussing Climate Dangers Posed by Coffee: ‘Hands Off’

A video featuring Swiss banker Hubert Keller discussing the impact of coffee production on climate change has sparked outrage among social media users. Keller highlighted the amount of CO2 that coffee produces, stating that every time we drink coffee, we are contributing to the atmosphere. He also highlighted that most coffee is produced through monoculture, which is affected by climate change and is deteriorating rapidly. Keller also discussed the opportunity to reorganize the coffee industry, which he noted is a $250 billion global market, to make it more eco-friendly and address the fact that most coffee growers live below the poverty line.

Tech journalist Tim Hinchliffe, who originally posted the clip to the platform, interpreted Keller’s points as implying that coffee growers will be stripped of their livelihoods by massive corporations. He added that Keller’s comments were a “power grab” to seize land and the means of production to carbon tax people and themselves to oblivion.

Other X users criticized Keller for even addressing coffee’s impact on the climate, arguing that it was an attempt by climate activists to regulate something people love. X account “Wide Awake Media” reposted Hinchliffe’s video, writing, “Now they’re coming for your coffee.” Author and scientist Gad Saad responded to Keller’s statements, suggesting that people could help the environment by becoming celibate, restricting their diet to tofu, using walking as a green way of transportation, reimagining water as coffee, and euthanizing ecoterrorist pets.

Conservative columnist Tim Young wrote, “Now, the WEF clowns are claiming that coffee is bad for the environment. You’ll have nothing and you’ll like it.” Australian politician Malcolm Roberts rebuked Keller and the Davos elites, saying, “Hands off our coffee. The elitists at Davos love to chat about restricting travel while comparing the private jets they flew in on. They push EVs, yet the Davos limos are fuel-powered. The forum sessions openly plot to reduce animal farming and fishing, yet they dine on the finest steak and seafood.

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