Coffee and Weed — Sure, Why Not?

Houseplant, a lifestyle brand founded by actor, producer, and ceramics enthusiast Seth Rogen, is partnering with flash-frozen coffee startup Cometeer to offer two roasts: an Ethiopian medium roast called “Been There Done That” and a Mexican dark roast called “Get Roasted.” The partnership could open up a new market for Cometeer, which has faced several challenges in recent years. Rogen and his wife enjoy making coffee and smoking joint together in the morning, which allows for a combination of stonedness and alertness. Houseplant’s products have a curated aesthetic that is less ’90s-era bong rips and more functional art. Rogen believes that selling projects he doesn’t believe in is fun and easy for Houseplant, as long as they are making something they love. This kind of higher-end branding, often targeting cannabis connoisseurs who wouldn’t identify with pop-culture stoner stereotypes, has become more common as legalization pushes the plant from a taboo to something people can openly consume, even with their morning coffee.

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