How Nescafé Came to Dominate the Instant Coffee Market

U.S. instant coffee consumption has decreased due to the rise in specialty items like espresso-based beverages and cold brews, with just 4% of Americans choosing the quick-and-easy offering. However, soluble coffee accounts for about a quarter of the beverage consumed globally, according to the Brazilian Instant Coffee Industry Association. This number is rising, despite the abundance of specialty coffee in the market. Nescafé, Nestlé’s largest coffee brand, is known for its affordability and convenience, but it consumes 6,100 cups of instant coffee every second. With 25 factories globally, Nescafé is sold in 180 countries, and one in seven cups of coffee consumed worldwide is a Nescafé. CNBC traveled to Vietnam to explore Nescafé operations and the future of soluble coffee.

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