UK’s Costa Coffee to Give Workers 9% Pay Rise

Costa Coffee, a British coffee and sandwich chain, has announced an average 9% pay increase for over 15,000 hourly-paid workers starting April 1, reflecting the rise in the government’s minimum wage. The starting rate will rise from 10.70 pounds ($13.42) an hour to 12 pounds an hour, ahead of the national living wage’s increase of 9.8% to 11.44 pounds an hour. The Bank of England will be monitoring pay settlements as it assesses interest rate direction, fearing rapid wage growth could add more inflationary pressure to the economy. Costa’s trades from 1,500 company-owned stores will see experienced baristas’ pay increase to at least 12.33 pounds an hour, while central London staff will receive an extra 1 pound an hour. Targeted bonuses are also offered.

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