Europe’s Coffee Traders Urge EU to Delay Deforestation Rules

The European Coffee Federation (ECF) has requested a delay in implementing the new EU deforestation-free supply chain law, known as EUDR. The Dec. 30 deadline for large European companies to comply with the law would be detrimental to smallholder producers who rely on the EU as a major market, according to the ECF. Under the EUDR, European coffee companies failing to meet deforestation-related due diligence and reporting requirements in their supply chains will face financial penalties. However, critics argue that the law could have unintended consequences, especially for small farmers who may struggle with compliance. As the implementation deadline approaches, ECF members like JDE Peet’s and Enveritas have introduced deforestation-free plans, and verification agencies catering to the coffee industry have launched EUDR-focused initiatives. The European coffee industry was unprepared for the magnitude of EUDR requirements, with many companies lacking the necessary resources.

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