A Robot Is Serving Coffee at Davos to Show People What’s in Store for the Future

The YuMi robot, about four years old, is being used in various sectors due to its precision and arm mobility. It is used to make mobile phones, watches, and work with glass. The robot is also used as a demonstration model to showcase the capabilities of robotic technology. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, a female participant requests a robot coffee, which is next to the main coffee counter. Benoit Gerber, a local product manager at Swiss-Swedish multinational ABB, explained that the robot is used to make coffee in less than 90 seconds, operating a Nespresso coffee machine without forgetting to remove the capsule. The robot’s appearance at WEF serves as a reminder for delegates that change is just around the corner, as the focus of Davos has been on how to address the inequalities arising from globalization, including automation and its impact on the workforce.

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