Uncharted Coffee Company Honors the History of Coffee and Those Who Produce It

Two sisters from Chicago, Jasmine and Danielle Neveles, are working to decolonize coffee by sourcing ethically from coffee-producing regions worldwide. The sisters, inspired by their mother, aim to honor the history of coffee and the farmers who produce it. They have strict criteria for farms, including regenerative farming, socially conscious practices, and not overusing water or deforestation. Uncharted Coffee Company co-founders and CEOs Jasmine and Danielle Neveles aim to educate consumers about coffee’s past and change how coffee is produced in the future. They believe it is important for people to understand the origins of their coffee, from the farm to the kitchen table, and to have radical transparency about the coffee’s origins. The sisters are working to change the way coffee is produced and educate consumers about the coffee’s origins. They can be found on Instagram at @DrinkUncharted or on LinkedIn at Uncharted Coffee.

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