Starbucks, Nespresso Stops Purchasing From Guatemalan Farms Employing Children


An investigation by “Dispatches,” a British TV documentary that aired Monday on Channel 4, claimed coffee farms in Guatemala supplying both Starbucks and Nespresso used child labor, according to a report. The documenters visited 12 farms and found seven supplied Nespresso and five supplied Starbucks in violation of the United Nations’ labor regulations.

Both companies condemned the practice and said they would not buy coffee from those farms.

“We can confirm we have not purchased coffee from the farms in question in the most recent harvest season, and we will not do so until we can verify that they are not in breach of C.A.F.E. Practices — our ethical sourcing standards developed in partnership with Conservation International that provide comprehensive guidelines for social, environmental and economic criteria including zero tolerance for child labor,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Vending Times via email. “We care deeply about the wellbeing of our coffee farming communities, and we will take every measure necessary to ensure these farms meet our high standards for ethical sourcing.”

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