Several Chicago Coffee Shops Stop Filling Personal Cups Over Coronavirus Concerns


Two more large coffee chains with national reach have joined Starbucks in ceasing to fill customers’ personal cups due to coronavirus concerns, while some smaller Chicago roasters are also taking the precaution. Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee and Peet’s Coffee, founded in California, will stop filling reusable cups at their shops across the nation, the companies announced Monday.

“To further prioritize the health and well-being of staff and customers, Intelligentsia Coffee locations in NYC, Chicago, Austin, Boston and Los Angeles will restrict the use of any personal cups until further notice,” read a statement from the company.

Starbucks closed a store in Seattle on Friday after an employee was diagnosed with COVID-19. On Wednesday the coffee company and coffeehouse chain posted notices in stores and online that it had stopped filling personal cups and the use of “for here” ware, such as ceramic coffee mugs.

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