Blue Bottle Coffee Says Lack Of Coronavirus Data Spurred US-Wide Closure


In the flurry of restaurant closures prior to the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order, it’s reasonable to have missed that Blue Bottle Coffee, a Nestlé-owned global chain that began as a humble Oakland roastery, announced that all its cafes across the U.S. had temporarily shut their doors.

“While we wish we could remain open to offer you a safe haven in these uncertain times,” CEO Bryan Meehan wrote, “we simply do not have the benefit of enough information to ensure our public spaces are safe.” While other chains remain open, sometimes to employee dismay, Blue Bottle’s US doors are still shut, even for takeout and delivery.

However, its locations in South Korea and Japan are still open. That’s because, COO Karl Strovink says via tweet, “In the US, we have inadequate information on the number or location of infected as well as transmission rates. In Korea, testing and data far exceed US rate to-date; In Japan, medical care and tests are more affordable and accessible than in the US.”

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