Should Investors Buy Starbucks Stock Near A 21-Month Low?


On June 28, 2018, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) hit a low of $47.37. SBUX stock then proceeded to climb to an all-time high of $99.72 on July 26, 2019, delivering a 100%-plus gain in a little over a year.

If you rode that train and didn’t sell, you’re probably kicking yourself now that it’s trading painfully close to where it was 21 months ago.

That’s okay. If you don’t have a war story to tell like this one, you haven’t been investing long enough. The best portfolio managers in the world are generally successful about 50% of the time. The key to their success is making sure that the 50% that goes up doubles the performance of the 50% that doesn’t.

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