How To Pivot Quickly As A Brick And Mortar In The Wake Of COVID-19


As brick and mortar brands adjust to the new temporary normal, Josh Zad, CEO of Alfred, who opened his first location with its trademarked “But First, Coffee.” catchphrase on tree-lined Melrose Place in 2013, is facing what many retailers are around the country. How do you pivot as a brick and mortar in the the midst of temporary Covad-19 closures?

With his knack for eye-catching design and deep understanding of customer wants, Zad has developed Alfred into the standard bearer on how a company can stay relevant by marrying a successful brick-and-mortar offering with a memorable digital presence. Alfred currently boasts 15 locations across the U.S. and Japan with four more in the works for 2020 and recently launched his newest concept – Calidad Beer.

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