Here’s What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Did you know that coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide? (except water, obvs…). Yes, there are a great many people on this here planet who enjoy a cup of Joe. However, did you know that the coffee a person orders at a coffee shop can reveal a lot about them? And we’re not just talking about determining whether someone prefers cinnamon or chocolate in their cappuccino – we’re talking about determining someone’s true personality.

Working with Coffee Friend, human behavioural expert Darren Stanton revealed what your coffee order says about you. Stanton is a former police detective and psychologist with 26 years of experience analysing deception detection and emotional signals. However, be warned… what you will hear may not be to your liking. Yes, we’re speaking to you, flat white enthusiasts…

1 cup of black or American coffee
“A person who drinks black coffee tends to be quite single-minded,” Darren explains. Certain black coffee drinkers may be health-conscious, with an Americano being a popular low-calorie order. This could mean that this person is a determined, focused, and driven individual who is self-sufficient and empowered, but also borders on having a selfish mentality.”

2 Latte your coffee order reveals a lot about you
“Those who drink lattes are more middle-of-the-road types who may even consider themselves true coffee connoisseurs,” Darren explains. They simply want something straightforward to drink. They are probably not as adventurous as they appear and do not enjoy excessive risk taking.

“Latte drinkers are generally mild-mannered, agreeable, and content to go with the flow, and thus do the same with hot milk and a splash of coffee, because, well, what could possibly go wrong?”

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