Hidden Camera Triggers Lawsuit Against Coffee Shop

A former barista has filed a lawsuit against Morsels coffee shop and co-owners Edward and Angela Witkowski, alleging they violated the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act when she was fired. The lawsuit also accuses the Witkowskis of sexual harassment, discrimination, and invasion of privacy. Eva Davis, a former barista at Morsels, confirmed that she filed the lawsuit. She and fellow barista Marlee Rickert discovered a hidden camera in the women’s restroom at Morsels and took photographs and recorded conversations before turning over their evidence to Traverse City police.

Edward Witkowski was arrested on November 10 and faces charges of using a computer to commit a crime, capturing/distributing an image of an unclothed person, and lying to a police detective. He is scheduled for a preliminary examination on March 15 before 86th District Court Judge Robert A. Cooney. No charges have been filed against Angela Witkowski.

Davis continued working at the coffee shop until November 14, four days after Witkowski was arrested. She claims she was fired that day by Witkowski and continued working for Morsels because she needed the money. The Witkowskis and Morsels are represented by Grand Rapids-based attorneys John D. Gardiner and Cameron D. Ritsema from the law firm Bodman PLC. They claim that the defendants were not aware of the plaintiff’s initiation of any investigation at the time of her adverse employment action and that their conduct was not extreme or outrageous.

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