Keurig Is Going Green with 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Keurig has unveiled a prototype for fully compostable plant-based K-Rounds, a more sustainable single-serve pod to be used in the brand’s new Keurig Alta. Both the Alta and K-Rounds will begin beta testing later this year for a potential consumer launch in 2025. The K-Rounds are essentially pressed coffee grounds wrapped in a mostly invisible cellulose coating. Keurig Chairman and CEO Bob Gamgort said that they expect the K-Rounds to be 100% certified compostable before they come to market.

The K-Rounds will be available in various sizes and grinds to brew espresso, regular coffee, and even iced coffee beverages. They will be marked with a code that the brewer recognizes and uses to determine a proper extraction profile and pressure to get optimal flavor. The proprietary pressed coffee pucks will be more versatile with pods available in specialty grinds and sizes to brew espresso, regular coffee, and even iced coffee beverages. Each compostable K-Round will be marked with a unique code that tells the brewer how to brew it depending on the roast and coffee type.

However, no existing Keurig pod machines will brew the new K-Round pods, so consumers will need to buy a new machine in addition to the more expensive, eco-friendly K-Round pods. Pricing was not yet available for the Alta or K-Rounds, but plastic-free pods will be sold at a premium when they launch later this year. They are also shelf-stable for up to 6 months.

Keurig Alta and its line of plant-based K-Rounds pods are set to start beta testing this fall as they gather feedback and insights from retailer and coffee brand partners to refine and optimize the system before launching to the public.

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