Uplifting Canned Coffees

Happy Coffee, a brand founded by Robert Downey Jr. and Craig Dubitsky, has expanded its product range to include ready-to-drink canned coffees and lattes for younger consumers. The brand’s latest offerings include Cold Brew Coffee and lattes in flavors like Caramel, Vanilla, or Mocha, made from 100% arabica beans from Colombia. The brand supports mental health advocacy and offers unique flavor descriptions, such as “notes of butterscotch and positivity” in the Caramel Latte and “notes of cocoa and elation” in the Mocha Latte. Happy Coffee also partners with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to support mental health advocacy. The brand’s industry implications include positioning itself as a premium and quality-driven beverage option, aligning with organizations like NAMI to raise awareness for mental health, and introducing new products like Cold Brew Coffee with unique flavor profiles to appeal to a wider consumer base.

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