Green Coffee Extract Market Size to Reach Revenue Worth US$1.5 Bn by 2030-end

The global green coffee extract market is experiencing a significant surge, projected to value at US$1,578 million by the end of 2030. This growth, estimated at an 8.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2030, is driven by the apparent health benefits of natural extracts. Green coffee extract is derived from unroasted coffee beans and contains a high concentration of bioactive compounds, particularly chlorogenic acids, which are believed to have antioxidant properties and may offer various health benefits, including supporting weight management, promoting cardiovascular health, and improving metabolic function.

The market is characterized by several key players, including ingredient suppliers, manufacturers of dietary supplements and functional foods, and companies operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Competition among market players is intense, with companies focusing on product innovation, quality assurance, and marketing strategies to differentiate their offerings and capture market share.

The market for green coffee extract is led by the dietary supplements segment, with North America dominating the market in terms of market share for green coffee extract. Europe is currently the second-largest market for green coffee extract. Organic coffee extract sales are now dominated by the organic sector in 2022, driven by consumers’ increasing desire for natural and sustainably derived goods. The demand for organic green coffee extract in a variety of applications, including dietary supplements, drinks, and cosmetics, is being driven by consumers’ perceptions of organic products as being healthier.

Green coffee extract powder bestselling form has been widely adopted and has continued to rise in the market due to consumer preferences for items that easily integrate into everyday routines. The liquid form of green coffee extract is starting to rise at the quickest rate, linked to the expanding popularity of liquid formulations in health and wellness goods and the growing demand for ready-to-drink beverages. Customers looking for the health advantages of green coffee extract have an easy-to-transport option in liquid extracts.

The market for green coffee extract has a lot of potential due to the growing applications of this product in developing sectors. Industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals have the potential for expansion in addition to conventional categories like nutritional supplements and beverages. An emerging prospect for the market for green coffee extract is the growing focus on sustainable and ethical sourcing methods.

In the Asia Pacific region, the green coffee extract market is expanding at the fastest rate due to rising consumer awareness and a growing focus on health and wellness. Green coffee extract is among the natural and functional substances in high demand due to rising disposable incomes, especially in China and India. The dynamic food and beverage industry in the region, along with the expanding trend of dietary supplements, is a major factor driving the market’s quick rise in Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific’s aware consumers uphold the region’s top rank in the green coffee extract market due to the region’s well-established culture of health and wellbeing. The qualities of green coffee extract complement the region’s preference for natural and practical components, promoting steady expansion and market dominance in North America.

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