Aldi to launch coffee-infused bacon

Aldi, a discount supermarket, is launching coffee-infused bacon in an apparent attempt to combine two common breakfast foods.

The meat is “intricately flavoured with the rich and aromatic flavour of coffee beans” after being cured in coffee for at least 24 hours.

“The coffee infusion ideally marries perfectly with the great taste of bacon to produce a syrupy caramel like bite, ideal for achieving a slightly sweeter taste – and the perfect crisp when cooked,” Aldi said.

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Caffè Nero started selling coffee-infused bacon in its rolls in 2019, making it the first UK supermarket to produce and sell such a product.

It was the first of its kind, and it was part of the cafe chain’s espresso-inspired menu as a savoury choice. The meat was cured for 20 hours with their own coffee blend, and the flavour took seven months to perfect, according to the brand.

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