Cometeer’s frozen coffee capsules are the key to easy, tasty java

I’m a coffee drinker who welcomes all. I don’t care whether it’s hot or cold, dark or blonde, black or sweetened; what matters is how it tastes.

And creating the ideal cup at home can be difficult at times. There are a plethora of (often prohibitively expensive) machines and devices claiming to assist you in achieving your ideal brew, but understanding how to optimise them can take time, even if you’re just making a simple drink. While the quality of your coffee beans is important, grinding them at home adds another step and device to your routine. With all of this in mind, it may seem simpler to simply spend a few dollars at your neighbourhood coffee shop for a guaranteed quick fix. Neither solution is without flaws. Is it too much to ask for a way to enjoy great coffee without becoming a barista?

Enter Cometeer, a coffee subscription service that has partnered with some of the industry’s most renowned roasters — think Counter Culture, Birch, Equator, and Joe Coffee — to bring you incredibly delicious and convenient coffee delivered directly to your door. From bean grinding to machine cleaning, Cometeer has eliminated complications and reduced the entire coffee-making process to a single simple step: melting a frozen capsule of ultra-high-quality coffee into a mouthwatering cup.

Is Cometeer the ideal solution for all of your at-home coffee needs? To find out, I ditched my French press and tripled my weekly caffeine intake.

Cometeer brews coffee using beans from top roasters across the country, including Counter Culture, Birch, Red Bay, and Onyx, and flash freezes it before delivering it directly to you. Each comet contains liquid that has been brewed to ten times the strength of a standard cup of coffee, and unlike instant coffee, nothing has been dehydrated, ensuring that the robust flavour lasts until the final sip.

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