Christiansburg Starbucks Baristas Win Union Election, Joining Nationwide Movement

Starbucks has become the 18th location in Virginia to unionize with Starbucks Workers United, joining a nationwide movement to improve working environments at Starbucks coffee shops across the U.S. More than 410 stores and 10,000 workers have joined the union, fighting for justice at work, including protections on core issues such as respect, living wages, racial and gender equity, and fair scheduling. Starbucks has referred to this victory as a monumental victory, indicating the union’s success in reaching a first contract with unionized baristas in one of the fastest-growing organizing campaigns in modern history. The announcement comes after unionized Starbucks workers reached a labor agreement with the company in February to start a discussion with the goal of reaching a foundational framework for collective bargaining agreements for represented stores and partners. Since 2021, 419 Starbucks stores in 43 states and the District of Columbia have successfully unionized, according to Workers United.

Starbucks’ recent commitment to its unionized workforce is a major shift, as Starbucks had engaged in illegal union-busting tactics and refused to negotiate. In more than 50 separate decisions, federal administrative law judges have found that Starbucks has committed more than 400 violations of federal labor law, including dozens of unlawful firings, refusing to bargain, and unlawfully providing non-union workers higher wages and better benefits than workers who voted to form a union. Starbucks union workers remain determined in their demand for fair pay and hours, safe working conditions, and a commitment to quality and culture that reflects the Starbucks brand they built – and will continue to hold Starbucks accountable to its new promise to reach agreement.
Starbucks Workers United

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