Starbucks Is Redesigning Its Coffee Shops to Get Orders Right Without Shouting

Starbucks Corp. is aiming to improve its customer experience by reducing background noise and echos in its new stores. The company is implementing renovations, including dampening baffles in ceilings to reduce background noise and echos. This will also allow guests with hearing loss to ask baristas for their orders more easily, reducing the possibility of wrong orders. Sara Trilling, Starbucks North America president, believes that improved acoustics will lead to more accurate orders and an improved customer experience. The company already uses the Aira app at its in-store locations for guests with low vision. The recent improvements could be beneficial for Starbucks as it aims for global expansion, with plans to open 650 new stores in the U.S. this fiscal year. The acoustic revamp, part of the “Inclusive Spaces Framework,” will apply to new locations and around 1,000 U.S. stores the company plans to renovate this year.

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