Starbucks Makes Big Change Customers Will Notice Right Away

Starbucks, the cafe of choice for millions of Americans, has over 16,000 locations across the United States. This is due to its close proximity to customers, commuters, and coffee lovers, allowing it to saturate a given market and leave coffee seekers with little decision-making when they want a coffee or tea. However, operating more stores can be expensive and logistically challenging.

Starbucks is aware that the return to work and increased demand for coffee and speciality drinks have crunched customer satisfaction. To address this issue, Starbucks is embarking on a massive program to revamp the ordering process with its new Siren Systems, which reduces the number of steps a barista must undertake in order to get a fresh cup to a customer and saves time.

The Siren System improves expedience behind the counter but does not significantly reduce the actual feeling inside the cafe. Starbucks aims to make its locations quieter and more appealing by installing baffles, a ceiling apparatus that absorbs sound, and renovating other store materials to reduce noise pollution.

Starbucks’ intention is to make cafes quieter both for improved vibes and making it easier to order. Improving the sound experience will translate to order accuracy and a better customer experience overall.

Starbucks is undergoing a massive dollar store re-imagination process, which will help make locations more accessible for everyone and improve the ordering process. It also sees drive-thru as a big part of its future, with up to 80% of new stores planned for 2024 featuring a drive-thru, which in turn helps to cut down store crowding.

Currently, about 70% of Starbucks locations feature a drive-thru, with most of them in the suburbs.

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