Alaska Airlines Tackles Dangerous Coffee Makers On Its Planes

The Association Of Flight Attendants (AFA) Alaska branch has won its action against Alaska Airlines, claiming that the airline’s management has begun investigating safety issues with onboard coffee makers. The advocacy mainly targets B/E Aerspace’s coffee makers, which claim to be responsible for burns among flight crew. After months of relentless advocacy by the AFA Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC), Inflight Service Committee, and Master Executive Council (MEC), Alaska Airlines has taken the first step towards meaningful action to protect crewmembers and passengers from injuries related to scalding hot coffee and grounds spewing from the brew basket of older-style B/E Aerospace coffee makers.

Management has directed that older-style B/E Aerospace coffee makers must not be used to brew coffee under any circumstances if a Brew Shield is unavailable. If a Brew Shield is available, it must be installed and used. Flight Attendants should refer to Special Edition Bulletin #2024-0045 (April 17, 2024) for specific procedures, instructions for reporting missing Brew Shields, and other essential information.

The union salutes the decision to use protection gear when handling the old equipment but believes it may have come too late. The Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC), Inflight Service Committee, and MEC believe that the only responsible action for management to take is to completely suspend the use of the older B/E Aerospace coffee makers until the issue is resolved. They demand that the safety of both Flight Attendants and passengers must not be compromised and that their right to work in a safe environment must be upheld.

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