Sonofresco Announces 20% Off New Coffee Roaster Purchases


Sonofresco has announced a special discount offer on all of its coffee roasters that will last through the month of May. For a limited time only, Sonofresco customers will receive a 20% discount on all Profile Coffee Roaster purchases. Along with the discount, every customer who takes advantage of this offer will also receive a free 46 lb. box of green coffee beans. The sale is on now through May 31, 2020.

Sonofresco’s coffee roaster deal is only available for the purchase of a new coffee roaster. (leased roasters are not eligible for the discount). Shoppers can choose from more than 50 different varieties of beans including breakfast blends, espresso, organic, decaf, and other options from all of the most popular growing regions from around the world. Sonofresco coffee varieties available come from specialty growing regions, including Central AmericaIndonesiaAfrica and Central America.

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