For Starbucks, The Near-Term Isn’t All Doom And Gloom


Across the country this week, coffee giant Starbucks (SBUX) is beginning to reopen its U.S. stores after closing the majority of its roughly 10,000 locations in March due to social distancing and stay-at-home rules.

But like many things these days, visiting your local Starbucks is going to be a different experience for a while.

Stores won’t have seating options, and few customers will be allowed to enter at a time. The company is encouraging customers to use delivery or mobile order and pay options to get their coffee fix, so that both employees and patrons can still easily practice social distancing.

Here in Chicago, I noticed the Starbucks stores in my neighborhood utilizing the “entryway handoff” method. With this, customers can avoid going into a store and still get their afternoon latte. Starbucks is also working on implementing curbside pick-up.

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