Japanese beverage giant Asahi buys Auckland coffee company Allpress

Asahi New Zealand CEO Andrew Campbell said the deal, which was made for an undisclosed amount, was a good match for the company’s local operations and filled a void in its large offering.

“Their premium branding, dedication to flavour, quality customer service, and track record of success have all inspired us.”

Michael Allpress, an Aucklander, founded Allpress in 1986, which sells roasted coffee beans, coffee concentrate, and canned iced black coffee to around 1500 cafes, restaurants, and food service businesses, as well as 500 wholesale customers.

It’s now available in Australia, Singapore, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Vodka Cruiser, Woodstock, Asahi Super Dry, Sommersby Cider, and Boundary Road beers are among Asahi’s local brands, as are a variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as Charlie’s, Phoenix Organics, and Juicy Lucy. It also has a stake in the Independent Liquor distribution company.

Carlton and United Breweries are among its Australian properties, and it also distributes the Treasury Wine Estates portfolio of wines.

Allpress had been searching for a buyer, but Campbell said he would remain on as a brand “ambassador.”

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