Of coffee, conspiracies, and the Sufis

Coffee and coffeehouses brew up a tale befitting their iconic status, from elixirs of worship for mystics to hotbeds of resistance and spaces of idea exchange.

The magical quality of being able to pull you out of a spell with the most devious and captivating of scents has a long and illustrious history. Coffee beans might have been confined to Ethiopia or Yemen at best if it hadn’t been for the Sufis. Even so, when the magical beans arrived in our everyday world, they were frequently in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Think about it.

Coffeehouses – kahvehane – became a fertile ground for theories as well as a cradle for conspiracies as a result of the increased socialisation that came with the coffee culture.

Coffee, like coffee culture, was relatively new to the planet. By 1555, Istanbul had its first coffeehouse, and by 1570, the city had 600. The transformation was truly miraculous. But the latest coffee culture’s allure was as well. The scent was an invitation to ponder, contemplate, and enquire.

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