The 9 Best Instant Coffee Brands to Turn to on Busy Mornings

You’re already aware that instant coffee has a poor reputation. When coffee drinkers don’t have time to brew a decent pot in the morning, it’s always considered a last resort. What do you think you don’t know? Instant coffee is undergoing a revival of epic proportions: In 2020, sales increased by approximately 30% as more people started brewing their own coffee at home. It not only makes a consistent cup, but its products have vastly improved since its last heydey in the 1980s in the United States. You don’t believe us? We put a variety of common instant coffee brands to the test to find the best instant coffee brands on the market that offer a cup of joe that tastes just as good as one brewed with a drip machine or French press.

To put them to the test, we made two cups of instant coffee, one hot and one cold, as directed on the box. If the instant coffee already had creamer and no additional sugar, we added a splash of milk to taste. Then we graded them on price, ingredient and processing quality, ease of use, and functionality (can it be made with hot or cold water?). Can you only make one cup at a time? ), dissolvability, and taste are all factors to consider. Continue reading for our top picks.

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