Can drinking coffee treat a hangover?

Excessive alcohol consumption will result in a slew of symptoms the next day that are usually referred to as a hangover. There is actually no surefire way to get rid of a hangover. Although coffee can alleviate some symptoms, it is unlikely to provide significant relief.

Many people experience symptoms the next day after consuming too much alcohol. A headache, nausea, and a groggy, unrested feeling are all possible symptoms.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some rituals or substances, such as coffee, may aid in the recovery of a hangover. However, there is little or no proof that drinking coffee will counteract the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

In fact, while coffee can help with some symptoms of a hangover, it may actually make others worse. At this time, the best way to stop a hangover is to avoid or consume alcohol in moderation.

In this post, we’ll look at whether coffee will help or hurt a hangover, as well as some hangover remedies.

What is a hangover, exactly? When anyone drinks too much, they get a hangover. It usually happens in the morning after a night of drinking. The precise causes of hangovers are still unknown to researchers. Biological factors such as dehydration, gastrointestinal irritation, inflammation, chemical exposure, interrupted sleep, and mini-withdrawals, according to research, are likely to contribute to the symptoms. Genetics may also play a role, according to some researchTrusted Source.

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