The Newest Coffee Craze Sweeping The Nation

If you tried out the Tik-Tok famous ‘dalgona coffee’ during last year’s lockdown, you’re not alone. The whipped coffee drink became a worldwide sensation. It’s made with only a few basic ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. In a mixing bowl, combine the coffee, sugar, and water and beat with electric beaters until smooth. That’s what there is to it. After that, all you have to do is add milk and your whipped concoction is ready to drink.

However, there is a new coffee trend in town: Norwegian Egg Coffee, which is Scandinavia’s response to dalgona coffee. This coffee drink, which is essentially coffee with an egg, is popular in many parts of Scandinavia. That’s right, an entire egg is cracked into coffee beans, combined, and brewed.

The egg serves as a filter for the coffee grounds by causing them to stick together, which is the concept behind this special drink. It’s essentially a method of making self-filtering coffee without the use of a fancy French press.

After the coffee has been brewed, apply cold water to force the egg and coffee mixture to fall to the bottom of the pot. Then, without having any egg or grounds in your cup, you can pour out your perfectly brewed coffee. Norwegians are said to have first added an egg to coffee to counteract the bean’s natural bitterness. However, if you brew your coffee this way these days, you’re not even drinking egg in it.

Although it’s an intriguing concept, it’s unlikely to catch on as quickly as the more palatable dalgona coffee did. Even the Tik-Tok generation might find coffee and egg a little too far-fetched. Most New Zealanders will likely continue to use their Nespresso-style coffee pods.

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