How this tech-enabled coffee chain plans to revolutionize your coffee fix

Flash Coffee, based in Singapore, aspires to provide a more affordable coffee break.

Many professionals can’t live without their morning coffee, which they either have with breakfast or pick up on their way to work. That’s not shocking in Singapore, where Statista estimates that about 800 million cups of coffee will be sold in 2020. David Brunier, the CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based tech-enabled coffee chain Flash Coffee, cites this as one of the reasons for the company’s inception. David told Singapore Business Review in an exclusive interview that Rocket Internet’s Oliver Samwer and Alexander Kudlich approached him in 2019 and asked if he would be interested in co-founding a new company with them.

“Around that time, Luckin Coffee did their breath-taking $4 billion IPO after just 18 months in business, which got me excited and made me look into the coffee industry further,” David told SBR. He said that he discovered a completely un-digitized industry that was serving sub-par coffee at exorbitant prices, making it essentially unaffordable to the general public. He realised then that there was a huge opportunity to develop a whole new product customer experience.

After that, Kudlich introduced him to Sebastian Hannecker. “The minute Sebastian and I met, we clicked – we shared a passion for coffee, had a common vision for how we wanted to create Flash Coffee, and we connected on a personal level right away. We developed an instantaneous strong partnership and became co-founders because we were able to combine his entrepreneurial approach with his process-driven and analytical skill set,” David recalled.

Flash Coffee, which debuted in January 2020, seeks to restructure the company’s workforce models so that outlets can produce considerably more with less employees than comparable companies. They devised a concept that removes the inefficiencies of conventional business models in favour of investing in the product itself. The company intends to market itself to tech-savvy young professionals. Flash Coffee is a high-tech coffee shop that offers an award-winning menu of high-quality beverages at reasonable prices. Customers can order and pay online through the Flash Coffee app, then pick up their orders from one of the brand’s famous yellow storefronts or have them delivered through major channels in each market.

“At its heart, we see Flash Coffee as a tech company: we use our consumer app to provide convenience to our consumers with our pickup/delivery deal, as well as to acquire and maintain users through features including a refined loyalty programme, subscription, coffee wallet, gifting, and more,” David explained. Flash Coffee now has 50 locations in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, all of which are profitable.

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