Tripod Coffee releases new instant blend

Tripod Coffee, an Australian-based sustainable coffee brand, is launching a new instant coffee that promises to take pride of place in your kitchen cupboard.

The Three Capes Blend, Tripod’s first specialty-grade instant coffee, is made using Ethiopian single origin beans and a slow-brew extraction method. It’s a stark contrast to traditional instant coffee, which extracts as much coffee as possible from low-quality beans, leaving a burnt, metallic aftertaste on the tongue.

Tripod’s goal is to provide great-tasting coffee in a sustainable manner, with options that do not require costly machinery.

“Instant coffee has always been the most convenient way to get your coffee fix, but it’s never tasted good,” said David Siegel, a partner at Tripod Coffee.

“We’ve been experimenting with various coffees and processes to make it taste delicious over the last few years, and now we’re proud to introduce Tripod’s first Specialty-Grade instant coffee: The Three Capes Blend.”

Instant coffee was created to fill a void for coffee connoisseurs who want high-quality coffee without the high cost or the need for heavy machinery.

Tripod Coffee’s impressive range of coffee items now includes the Three Capes Blend, which joins the company’s flagship compostable coffee pod.

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