8 Coffee Shop Chains With the Best Quality Coffee In America

When it comes to coffee, the first names that come to mind are probably Starbucks, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s. And, while Starbucks’ coffee is superior (who could resist a salted caramel cream cold brew? ), there are other high-quality coffee shops in the United States. Although cotton candy frappuccinos are not on their menus, these brands serve the highest-quality coffee available.

However, when it comes to this ubiquitous beverage, what does “high quality” mean? According to the 2022 National Coffee Data Trends Specialty Coffee Report, 69% of speciality coffee drinkers prefer freshly roasted coffee, and 68% care about the roast level specified. And three of the top five reasons for being likely to purchase from a coffee company were related to the beans’ origins: whether the farms treated workers well, paid fair prices, and grew crops sustainably.

That is why it is critical for coffee shops to have a positive relationship with the farms from which they source—so they understand the farming practises and how to best capture the flavour of the origin in their roast. After all, in a survey conducted by Barista Magazine and Handground HQ, customers ranked unique flavour as the most important factor in determining “quality” coffee.

Which coffee chains, then, are the most knowledgeable about the origins of their coffee and how to bring out the unique flavour in the roast? Continue reading to learn more.

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Since its founding in 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has offered superior coffee in over 1,000 locations worldwide. The Los Angeles-based company selects only the top 1% of Arabica beans from the Pacific, East Africa, and Latin America’s best-growing regions. It sources from up to 6,000 feet above sea level, which results in highly concentrated flavours. “Quality has always been and will always be our first priority,” the chain states on its website.

The brand is committed to “respecting each individual roast” and tailors the roast degree to the bean’s origin characteristics. “We roast in small batches at our Camarillo, Calif., facility, where we determine the roast that best complements the beans from each origin and captures the essence of each country’s coffee,” Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf states on their website. The company knows exactly where each bean comes from and proudly informs customers as well.

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