Baristas Love This $150 Coffee Scale. That Doesn’t Mean You Need It

Pour-over coffee brewers are aware that a scale is required to ensure the correct amounts of coffee, water, and coffee-to-water ratio. Pearl, a $150 scale from Acaia, is used by professionals to perfect their cup of coffee.

Still, $150 is quite expensive for a scale. Then… is it worthwhile? We tested one to determine.

Designed to enhance your coffee-brewing abilities
Stunningly designed Exceptionally precise

Units of Measurement: Grams/Ounces
Capacity Maximum: 2,000 grams/70.55 ounces
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V 1100 mAh
Battery thirty to forty hours
What Are the Benefits of the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale?
Impressive accuracy
Accuracy is the most important aspect of a scale, especially when measuring coffee, where every gramme counts. The Acaia Pearl is accurate to the tenth of a gramme, whereas other scales may not provide readings that precise.

In comparison to cheaper coffee scales, the Pearl’s response time is one of the quickest available. In addition, the weights stabilise faster, so you don’t need to wait half a second to ensure that the scale is displaying the correct weight.

A coffee scale for enthusiasts
The vast majority of this coffee scale is intended to improve your coffee-brewing skills. The display includes a real-time flow rate indicator that indicates whether or not you are pouring water too quickly or too slowly. The display even includes markings that serve as thresholds for so-called proper flow rates, which baristas use to gauge the extraction quality of their final cup of coffee.

The Pearl also has a variety of modes that help you improve your barista skills. The most common setting for coffee scales, the dual-display mode displays both the weight and the timer. However, when you activate the Pearl’s other features, you can also access the Auto-Start Timer mode, which detects when you begin pouring water and activates the timer automatically. In Beverage mode, the Pearl guides you through the entire pour-over procedure, from placing the cup or carafe on the scale to removing the filter after brewing.

And for app lovers, the Pearl connects via Bluetooth to a companion smartphone app that allows you to store brewing recipes, update firmware, and use other coffee-nerd features.

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