Best Coffee Subscriptions of 2024

A coffee subscription is a convenient way to enjoy freshly ground coffee tailored to your taste and preferences. These services cater to a variety of coffee drinkers, including those who prefer cold brew, espresso, organic coffee, single-serve pods, or something else entirely. Some of the best coffee subscriptions include Trade, which offers expert recommendations, over 400 unique roasts, and decaf options.

Trade focuses on personalization, providing various domestic roasters and subscription options, allowing subscribers to customize their preferences, quantity, and delivery frequency. It also provides a solution for those who struggle with decision-making by curating a list of options with an onboarding questionnaire. There are two subscription tiers: Top Shelf and Fan Favorites, with Top Shelf being pricier and great for the more adventurous coffee connoisseur, while Fan Favorites will get you a solid cup of coffee that’s still curated to your taste preferences anytime.

One distinguishing feature of Trade is its emphasis on freshness. Once an order is placed, the company roasts the beans, ensuring that coffee beans are delivered to subscribers at their peak freshness, resulting in a vibrant and flavorful cup of coffee with every order.

Blue Bottle Coffee stands out for its exceptional value, delivering an iconic bag of beans that reflects incredible quality for its price. The company ensures that your coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting. The subscription model is unique, as it rotates through a more focused selection, rotating weekly between Blue Bottle’s five most popular blends.

Bean & Bean offers certified organic coffees, wide variety, and options to purchase individual bags, bundles, or pre-selected subscriptions. They offer a diverse selection of ethically sourced, organic, Fairtrade, and direct trade coffees, all expertly roasted in Queens, New York.

Yes Plz offers weekly limited-release roasts, surprise content in each delivery, and a choice of size. However, it requires your own grinder and has limited control over specific coffee blends.

In summary, coffee subscriptions offer a variety of options to cater to different coffee drinkers, from those who prefer cold brew to those who prefer organic coffee. By choosing the best coffee subscription service, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee tailored to your taste and preferences.

Yes Plz is a coffee subscription service that focuses on crafting exclusive limited releases from the finest beans sourced globally. The subscription offers a laid-back and enjoyable experience, providing hand-picked beans directly to your door for a hassle-free coffee companion. The subscription takes you through different coffee origins, from Ethiopia to South America, offering a variety of coffee styles.

Yes Plz also presents weekly limited-release roasts, showcasing beans from around the world, promising a fresh and exciting coffee experience. The whole-bean blends, available in 8.8- and 12-ounce sizes, offer flexible delivery options to suit your schedule.

Origin Roasted’s subscription caters to those with a discerning taste for the distinctive flavors of single-origin coffee. The brand sources coffee directly from different regions globally, aiming to appreciate each specific origin’s unique qualities without blending with beans from elsewhere. The brand’s emphasis on freshness is evident in its vibrant and fruity profile, ideal for those who appreciate a light roast’s nuanced and zesty qualities.

La Colombe’s subscription offers a wide range of options including cold brew and pods, transparent sourcing and sustainability, and diverse flavor profiles. However, it has a limited bean variety and few recommendations beyond cold brew.

In summary, Yes Plz offers a unique subscription service for coffee enthusiasts, offering a variety of coffee styles and subscription options.

La Colombe offers a subscription service for cold brew enthusiasts, offering a variety of hand-picked, exceptional beverages over ice. The company’s commitment to transparent sourcing and sustainable practices adds a touch of conscience to the cup. The subscription includes ready-made cold brew in various sizes, whole beans, or single-serve packs you can brew yourself.

Equator Coffees offers a subscription service catering to espresso connoisseurs seeking an exceptional coffee journey, starting with a coffee quiz that determines the best flavor profiles for you. Equator Coffees meticulously sources premium beans globally, delivering bold and intricately layered espresso blends. The subscription caters to all preferences, offering dark roasts for robust intensity and medium roasts for well-balanced complexity.

Go Get Em Tiger provides a dedicated single-roaster experience, emphasizing nuanced flavors crafted by specialized artisans. Subscribers can choose from four subscription plans – Single Origin (a lighter roast), Single Origin Dark, Minor Monuments (espresso), and Decaf – and receive a corresponding bag of whole beans on the basis of their choosing. The brand’s sourcing practices showcase expertise, with beans meticulously selected from origin points like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Colombia, and Peru, while maintaining exceptionally high roasting standards.

Intelligentsia caters to subscribers who prioritize freshness, grinding its coffee just before shipping. With 28 years of experience in direct trade coffee, Intelligentsia has become a trusted name synonymous with quality and innovation. Subscription plans include the Intelligentsia Classics, which highlights a different blend every month, starting at $17 for a 12-ounce bag that ships every one to four weeks depending on your preferred delivery schedule. The Intelligentsia’s Choice subscription operates similarly but focuses on a rotating roster of single-origin coffees, with a starting price of $21 for a 12-ounce bag.

MistoBox stands out as an exceptional option for giving the gift of unique coffee experiences. The company curates quality coffees from small roasters across the U.S. for 600 options sourced from 60 roasters. To discover their ideal brew, subscribers can take a coffee preferences quiz. Subscriptions start at $12.71 per bag, offering flexibility. Pricier subscriptions have added benefits, such as a 15% discount on a dozen bags – perfect for sharing the gift of artisanal coffee.

Boca Java offers a unique flavor variety, beans infused with natural flavors, and flexible subscription options. However, there are limitations, such as a minimum of two bags per shipment and shipping is not free for orders less than $44.

Boca Java offers a variety of flavored coffee blends, catering to various tastes and preferences. The company’s unique blends include vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, white chocolate raspberry, maple bacon, bananas foster, and German chocolate cake. Boca Java’s flavored coffees are a result of its use of Arabica beans infused with natural flavorings, achieving a delicate balance that allows the coffee’s inherent richness to harmonize seamlessly with the added flavor components.

Boca Java offers two subscription plans: Gourmet Coffee Club subscription, which sends two, three, or four bags of your chosen coffee every one to four weeks, and Coffee of the Month club, which delivers two pre-selected bags monthly. With this plan, you sign up for a subscription period that lasts three, six, or 12 months.

Atlas Coffee Club takes coffee enthusiasts on a global journey through various coffee-producing regions, including Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil in the form of recyclable pods compatible with your single-serve machine. Subscription options include ground coffee, whole beans, K-cups, and Nespresso-compatible capsules. Atlas’s focus on authenticity and education is evident in each shipment, sharing insights into the local culture of the coffee’s origin and brewing instructions.

When buying coffee subscriptions, consider factors such as cost structure, delivery options, customization, sustainability, and packaging. Some subscriptions charge a fixed price for each delivery regardless of the coffee variety, while others rely on tiered pricing, considering factors like the coffee’s origin, rarity, or roasting method. Shipping fees may be rolled into the total cost or presented separately, and it is important to scan for hidden fees or commitments to avoid unexpected financial surprises.

Delivery options can vary, with some subscriptions delivering a monthly supply, while others drop off coffee every week or two. For more flexibility, look for a subscription that lets you change delivery dates. Customization is essential, and subscriptions should be a perfect fit for your lifestyle, allowing you to curate its selection for you or give you maximum control over the contents of each shipment.

Sustainability is also important when choosing a coffee subscription service. Look for companies pledged to sustainable sourcing, which supports farmers who produce organic or shade-grown coffee and eliminates harmful chemicals from the coffee. Fairtrade subscriptions committed to ethical and Fairtrade practices promote better wages and working conditions for the farmers producing the coffee.

Packaging should be compostable or recyclable materials, as less plastic waste is a win and minimal packaging reduces your ecological footprint.

To choose the best coffee subscriptions, evaluate factors such as bean quality, flavor profiles, brewing options, and customer satisfaction. Trust 360 Reviews, with contributors and editors with extensive experience researching and reviewing consumer products and services.

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