Americans Are Drinking Half the Coffee They Did in the 40s

Starbucks is facing sales challenges due to various non-coffee factors, including economic concerns and concerns about the company’s stance on Gaza. Despite coffee shops across the country, consumption in the US has not returned to its pre-1940s levels. The US Department of Agriculture data shows that coffee consumption grew steadily from 1910 to 1946, attributed to advertising and product innovations. However, coffee consumption has slowed since then, partly due to the popularity of other beverages like carbonated soft drinks. The number of US adults who have had a cup in the past day has increased by 37% since 2004. Additionally, the average US worker has shifted from 1,989 hours a year in 1950 to 1,757 hours in 2017, suggesting that caffeine may not be as crucial when there is less work and more sleep.

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