Green Coffee Co. Percolates on $25M to Expand in Colombia, Launch Alcoholic Beverages

Green Coffee Company, Colombia’s largest coffee producer, has secured $25 million in Series C equity funding. The company, founded in 2017, is a consolidated arabica coffee farming company with operations in Colombia covering 9,000 acres across 39 farms and over 11.5 million coffee trees under ownership. Green Coffee Co. controls the supply chain from cultivation to processing to direct trade with end-clients, using sophisticated processing machinery in its wet mills that recycles water. Last year, the company saw $10 million in revenue, up from $1 million the previous year, and expects this to grow to $27 million in the next year.

Green Coffee Co. is a portfolio company of Latin American investment firm Legacy Group, where Shephard is also a partner. The company raises its funding, including the Series C, from a network of over 450 individual, high-net-worth investors who invest directly into portfolio companies that Legacy Group advises rather than into a pooled fund. In total, investors have injected over $60 million into the business.

Proceeds from the funding round will expand the company’s Colombian farming operations, accelerate its U.S.-based coffee roasting operations in Houston over the next year, and enable the company to launch a line of liquors and spirits distilled from the coffee byproducts, including coffee cherries and other coffee waste. The company is currently seeking $65 million of institutional debt capital to execute on those expansion plans.

Shephard expects Green Coffee Co. to become the world’s largest producer of arabica coffee in the next two years and is eyeing a 2026 U.S. IPO exit. The company is building a large-scale distillery in Colombia to create its own pure ethanol and producing around 5 million to 6 million bottles of vodka a year using a quarter of its byproducts.

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