McDonald’s Coffee Too Hot for Human Consumption, N.J. Man Says in Lawsuit

A New Jersey man, Joseph Megara, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s in Swedesboro, alleging he was injured at the drive-thru window when a worker spilled coffee that he claims was too hot for human consumption. Megara claims he was injured and his car interior damaged about 7:30 a.m. on January 24 at the McDonald’s in the 1700 block of Center Square Road. The lawsuit accuses McDonald’s of acting negligently and causing the cup of hot coffee to spill on Megara’s lap. Megara claims he suffered “severe injury” and damage to the vehicle’s interior. The suit seeks to hold McDonald’s accountable for serving coffee heated to a temperature that was unfit for human consumption and dangerous. The lawsuit is the latest in a string of claims against the fast-food chain alleging injuries due to excessively hot beverages. In January, a 58-year-old Morris County woman claimed she was injured when hot tea spilled on her at the McDonald’s in Roxbury Township. In November, a 74-year-old Essex County woman claimed she suffered burns when the lid popped off a tea cup at a McDonald’s in Newark.

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