How Eggshells And Coffee Grounds Can Make Your Garden Grow


So you’ve recently taken up gardening, and why wouldn’t you? First, there’s the fresh air and physical exercise. Horticulture is also considered to be therapeutic, which is particularly welcome these days. It’s loaded with biology lessons for those squirrely young ‘uns. And, of course, the biggest bonus of all: You can eat the fruits (and veggies) of your labor.

But whether it’s a bushel of herbs, a bean stalk, or a peach tree, plants benefit from more than just dirt, water, and sunlight.

One of the best supplements for your garden’s health is compost. The circle of life and whatnot. But not everyone has the time or space for that kind of project. Even if you do, you might have qualms about the aesthetics and unsavory aromas resulting from a pile of decaying food scraps sitting on your counter or in your backyard.

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